Glitter mod podge canvas art

I’m excited about this post… It’s such a fun one! Sorry in advance for some of the blurry pics… Would you believe I actually have a photography website? How embarrassing….

Take a look:


The best part about it? Glitter mod podge!!!
I was buying the supplies and the store clerk said she was so happy someone was finally buying the glitter mod podge… what?! This is like the best invention ever! How is it not flying off the shelf?! okay… Back to reality

-Blank canvases. I found this pack of 7 at Michael’s and got them for a great price on sale
-matte mod podge
-glitter mod podge- (or use just glitter or just matte)
-scrapbook paper
-paint brush

As noted above, you can use just one mod podge. I used matte so I didn’t waste too much of the glitter… It’s like cookie butter for crafters!
I wouldn’t recommend glossy mod podge unless you’re going for a super shiny look… Glossy is great for other crafts like coasters but not so much for this

Here are the moves:

1. Google your silhouette choice… Under “images” I googled “cinderella silhouette”

2. If you’re free handing, I recommend chalk or something you can wipe away… Make sure to test it out! My paper was already glittery so I was working with a less porous surface that wiped well.

don’t worry if you can’t free hand! Copy and paste the image into a word document and enlarge it to the size you want… Print it out and use as a template!
Draw out the figure and cut with sharp scissors


3. Once you’re happy with it, place it on the blank canvas and play around with where you like it best

4. Use the matte mod podge to brush the canvas and back of the cut out






5. Now break out the glitter mod podge and cover the whole canvas… It doesn’t take much!



6. Use your fingers to smooth the paper down and press out any excess mod podge… Then smooth again with brush

Keep an eye on it as it dries and continue to press it down where needed

7. Hang and then look at it a million times cause its soooo pretty!!!



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