DIY photo travertine coasters

Well the holidays are wrapping up and life is getting a little less hectic! Isn’t that interesting… How we can make ourselves so busy for certain months based on a celebration of a baby in a manger… To give ourselves presents
Don’t get me wrong… I love gift giving and the beauty of family around wintertime… I just can’t believe how easy it is to get swept away in shopping, planning, pictures, decorating, etc… Phew!

Here’s a little something I made for my family members that I really enjoyed and will hopefully last a long time!
Travertine photo coasters!


There’s a few ways to go about this and many tutorials surrounding it
I tried the tissue paper… The printer kept eating it up no matter what I did so I resorted to plain old printer paper
You do get a little smearing with the mod podge but it adds some character in my opinion

So let’s get started!

What you need:
-travertine coasters (4×4 inches) from Home Depot – they’re usually in the tile or stone section used for baths and backslashes and come in packs of 9 for under $4
The sales clerk accuse tally tried to charge me 4 bucks per tile… Eek!

-mod podge- I used glossy

-mod podge clear acrylic spray

-paintbrush or sponge brush

-cork or felt pieces with stick on backs

The moves:

1.Start with a clean tile… These are porous tiles with lots of grooves and character to them… I picked that cause I like it but feel free to use regular floor tiles
Print out a picture… Do this by opening the picture in a Word document and then formatting it until one side is 4 inches
Place over your picture and cut the picture to size…




2. Mod podge the top of the tile then place picture over it and mod podge that… Work in light layers
Paper plates work great for this!

Make sure to press the picture into the grooves and flatten it out




3. Sand the sides of the pic until you get your desired look… Sand the top edges too if you want more of a vintage look

4. Do another coat of mod podge

5. Do two coats of mod podge acrylic spray.., waiting 15 minutes between each
This stuff is potent!

6. Add your backs when dry and you’re done!




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