Recovering a chair

Want an easy project that can liven up the room in an hour?
Recover your chairs!
I got a table and chairs from goodwill ages ago and am just finishing up the work in progress… Today I started recovering them
This is what I started with:


So I got to work.

Here’s the moves:

1. Inspect your chair… Find where the screws are to loosen them and remove the seat from the chair

2. Turn the seat over and look at what you’ve got
In my case, I used a small flat head screwdriver to pry the staples out and pliers when needed for the little boogers that wanted to stay in their home


3. Remove the fabric… This one was yucky… And glued to the wood. But I just used my handy dandy pliers to peel it off with some force



4. If your foam underneath is in good condition there’s no need to replace it… Position your seat and cushion underneath your fabric to figure out how you want it to look


let us take a break and talk material for a minute.
I had a brilliant idea at first and ordered oilcloth to cover the chairs thinking it would be great and waterproof… But then I researched a bit more and found that oilcloth has a lot of bad chemicals in it which is a no no on my list
Plus, it sticks to your skin like leather in a car on a hot summer day!
Alternative? Laminated cotton! More choices, softer, less sheen and waterproof! Score!

5. Wrap material around seat making sure to really stretch it and work around the corners by pulling and folding till it looks right! Be patient!

6. Want my secret to securing the laminated cotton?
Drum roll please…….

Duck tape! So nice! Those pesky staples just don’t pull enough for me! Duck tape works wonders! You can even cover it with some extra lining and staple over it just in case your great aunt Sarah decides to peek under the chair and inspect đŸ˜‰



7. Screw the seat back into the chair and bam! You’re done!

Wanna see the finished product?


SO much better!


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