Faux Board & Batten tutorial


This is one of my favorite projects because it is simple, fast and very effective!
Board and batten on walls adds so much depth to a house and it doesn’t jump out at you like bright red walls… When you’re done, the wall looks so much better but also blends in like it was just made to be there
Take a look around your place and look at different walls that might work. Don’t be afraid to do an accent wall… Or a whole room! Throw the rule book out on this one too…. There are a ton of ways to do this
My walls seem uneven (we call it the adobe house) so we tend to use flexible, thin pieces of wood when doing our board and batten to work with the walls


Baseboards-( look at what you already have… We took a piece of lattice and put it above our existing boards to create a thin ledge to put the batten on top of… Whatever batten you decide to use, try to stick with that thickness for the base )

Batten- we used thin lattice that was pre primed- definitely worth the extra money!

Top board- could be chair rail, casing, etc… Look at the back to see if it would lay flat enough (that’s the key)

Finishing nails

Nail glue

Caulk – this makes the look come together…. Very important!

Paint -go with semi gloss- we did satin and it was fine for a primer but the semi seals in the look!

Here’s the moves:

1. Start with the baseboards… If you want to add some depth, do it now

Use nail glue and finishing nails to secure the boards to the wall
Measure and mark a couple times before cutting… Some magical thing happens when you only measure once and come back with a short board… Always seems to happen



2. Add the top board
Pick a height for the top and measure from the baseboard up across the whole wall to ensure it’s even
Nail and glue in place
usually halfway or higher works well… Halfway makes the room look taller

3. Measure between the baseboard and top board to get the cut size for your batten (the thin lattice pieces)
I spaced these out at 2 feet… To experiment, cut a few and tape them up first to figure out what space looks best



4. Glue and nail in place

5. Start caulking! Be generous and fill all holes… This is the most important step to ensure a professional looking wall!
here’s a great tip: The best tool I found to clean up the caulk and smooth it in place at the same time was…. Drum roll please!……baby wipes!




As you can see, it cleans up nicely!

6. After caulk is dry (usually two hours) paint!!! This is the most exciting part because you get to see your hard work come alive!


Did I mention this is pretty inexpensive too? It is so worth it and very easy once you do one wall and learn the basics!!! Don’t be afraid… Give it a go!


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