Ribbon & wreath garland


Hey there! Man, did I fall into the blogger black hole or what?! The fall weather tends to tackle me with its cinnamon smells, holiday gatherings, and crisp weather… Love it!
Thought I’d get back in the game with a little CHRISTmas decorating!
Let’s face it… I’m cheap. That makes it a challenge to decorate for the holidays but I am pretty happy with how things are turning out.
I love beautiful banisters adorned with garland and ribbon and festive decor. I hate working with garland that cuts your hands and arms and sheds everywhere! So I came up with a simple solution…. This is soooo easy!
Take a spool of ribbon and secure it to the bannister, draping or wrapping however you wish… I used a thick burgundy ribbon with gold trim.
Next, take small wreaths and secure them where the ribbon fastens to the bannister… I was super lazy and used gift wrap ribbon… No joke.
The best part about this project? The price!!! I had the ribbon already but most of the time they’re on sale and the wreaths were a bargain at Michael’s for 50% off making them under $3 a piece! Woohoo! Garland done!!!
And the swoops in the ribbon kinda look like mustaches… A popular theme in our house right now as movember just ended… Thank you, December!!! I’m tempted to hang a banner that says, “mustaching through the snow”

There is so much more you could add to this… Glitter, pine cones, ornaments, lights… I’m going basic for now!



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