Beadboard wall paper


This project only took about an hour!!! I was cringing at the dullness of my laundry room wall and needed some change….
Enter: beadboard wall paper! This stuff is so cool… It comes in one long roll that you cut to length and then match up across the wall
I got mine at Lowes cause Home Depot no longer sells it in stores! (Only online… And I’m just too impatient)

Here’s the moves:

1. Pick a boring wall


2. The wall paper I got is pre pasted so you cut it to size and then soak it in water for 30 seconds to activate the paste
I need to just stop right here and warn you: the paste is gross… There is SO much of it and its gooey and clumpy and blech!!! It gets everywhere and you’ll end up using a lot of towels to clean up… Just keep your end goal in mind!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…
Grab a big container and fill it with water to submerge your wallpaper
I used a cooler and this actually worked pretty well


3. Hang paper on the wall and begin to smooth it out… Here’s where the goop comes!!!
The paper will slide and is very forgiving as you patiently smooth it out and cringe at the mass amounts of goo coming down the walls


4. Take a credit card and smooth the paper out even more
Work from top to bottom first and then side to side
Constantly look at the paper from different angles and step back to make sure you get all the airpockets
It’s time consuming but worth it!


Take care to consider obstacles… This light switch gave me some grief but I just pasted over it then cut the paper with a razor… I didn’t do it before getting the paper wet because the goop slides so much that I wasn’t sure where I would cut… It doesn’t have to be perfect cause you can caulk and paint later


6. Cut a piece of casing or chair rail (I used casing and it worked great) and nail over the top of the paper with finishing nails

a word about molding: it’s so confusing… There are so many varieties…. But for projects that need to be nailed flat, I’d recommend the chair rail or casing because its flat on the back



7. Caulk and paint! This pic is actually before caulking and painting but it still looks so much better! Now to find paint to match the baseboards!!!



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