Shutter magazine holder


Super simple and fast!

I had some extra shutters (I know everyone says that in these tutorials and usually I never have these random things just lying around conveniently!) so I decided to put them to use!

Here’s the moves:
1. They were actually hinged together so I just unscrewed them and took the hinges off


2. To make the magazine holder, you take every other board out of the shutter so you can drape the magazine over each.
Get to know your shutter a bit by bending the board and figuring out how it might come out. I tried the power drill at first but then decided a good beating with a flat head screw driver would break it in half and then I could just pop the ends out of their holes



3. Decide if you’re going to decorate it by painting, stenciling, etc
I was too impatient and decided to do this later (another tutorial maybe?!)

4. Hang on the wall… I used two nails right under the top part but I think I’m actually going to nail or screw these into the wall once I’m done painting them

Optional: skip taking the boards out altogether and use as a letter holder! A great To-do board!


5. Take a credit card and smooth down from top to bottom
Them smooth from side to side
Concentrate on getting any air pockets out and frequently take steps back to observe the paper and find any sections you may have missed



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