Ruler Growth Chart

The beginning of endless pinterest projects started with this beauty. A growth chart that looks like a ruler? And for less than a trip through the drive through with family members shouting every item they can find? Done. Had to do it…now! Problem #1: It was 2am.

Problem #2 I was a little scared. I mean, working with wood and stain? I don’t know what I’m doing and cutting wood or darkening it is intimidating…but I was determined!

And you know what? It wasn’t that hard…

Here’s the moves:

1. Get a piece of thin plywood. First trip to the hardware store? Walk in like you own the place (if that’s your style) and head on over to the plywood section. Seriously though, you can ask…they’re used to us first-timers and you can ask an employee for almost any random thing and they can tell you what aisle it’s in.

2. Cut the wood. If you braved asking an employee for help, you might as well ask them where you can get the wood cut in the store. They can cut down the wood so you can at least handle it a little better loading it into the car. The size you’ll need for this project is based on your preference:

width: 1-2 feet

length: 6-7 feet

3. Don’t forget to grab a paint brush, some wood stain, a permanent marker (if you don’t have one) and some velcro command strips for hanging

4. Once you’ve got your wood cut to the desired length, stain it. You don’t need to do both sides and it doesn’t need to be perfect. Grab that brush and experiment. Make sure you have a rag near by…wiping up excess stain helps even out the color and makes the process a little easier.

5. Once the board is dry, grab a tape measurer and tape it to the board length wise. Here’s the tricky part… you want to leave room for where you’ll hang the board. If you have baseboards or want to the board not touching the ground, then I’d recommend start the tape measurer at 6 inches on the board. So the first mark on the board would be at 6 inches. Make sense?

6. Using a pencil, mark each line on the board. I marked every 6 inches with a longer line so I could make sure I knew where I was on the board when it came time for drawing the numbers.

7. Decide the length you want for each line. I did the longest lines for every 6 inches, and shorter lines for 3rd line in each foot and then the rest of the marks were the shortest.

8. Draw your numbers! Either freehand or print out the numbers in a font you like and trace them onto the board. Century font or something like that works well!

9. Go over everything in permanent marker

10. Ready to hang. Follow the instructions on the command strip and attach to the board. Remember to hang the board on the wall in the right spot up from the ground. In my case, the bottom of the board needed to be 6 inches up from the ground. Two people are recommended for this part!


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