Billy built ins: part 1

Around the time that I started our rustic farmhouse table, I also got into starting our built ins. I saw this fantastic tutorial from Censational Girl and decided my living room was a great place to do the same
So off to ikea we went… An hour away
And guess what? We needed 5 bookshelves. They had 2. And didn’t get any more for over 2 weeks!
In that span of time, I revised my plan and came up with a modified built in using billy bookcases that would accommodate a large screen tv (incentive for the hubby).
Here’s our breakdown:
-2 tall bookshelves (15 inch depth, 31.5 wide)
-2 tall bookshelves (11 depth, 16.75 wide cause that’s what they had)
-2 half bookshelves (11 depth but half the length)
-10 doors (half size)
-2 shelf extenders (16.75 width)
-2 shelf extenders (31.5 width)

We assembled and lined up the bookshelves against our wall. Our back baseboard was under the cutout in the bookshelves so we didn’t have to remove it! Nice one, Ikea!
Since the shelves were varied in depth, we lined the shelves up with the 15 inch depth ones so most of them aren’t actually touching the wall
Then we screwed them together using about three to four screws in each (be careful not to use too big of a screw… Two shelves together is only 1.5 inches)

Next, we added lattice to each of the fronts where the shelves meet leaving room for the doors… Really gives it a built in feel
For the half tall shelves we used a 3/4 inch width trim to so the lattice would be uniform

We’ve got a long way to go but it’s looking good!

to be continued…


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